We are

We are a family.

Our days are about sandcastles, skateboards and dirty knees; belly laughs, salty hair, and high-fives; coffee breaks, bare feet, and beach walks. We laugh hard, we dream big, our eyes are full of wonder, and our hearts are full of love. We rock our weeks in style – with big smiles, a little bit of attitude, and a healthy amount of chaos.

We are Little Pinwheel.

We sell

Little Pinwheel is a children's clothing store that sells designer kids and baby clothes, accessories and footwear for children from ages 0 to 14.

We're proud to stock some of Australia's most exciting children's clothing and baby clothing brands. We choose these brands because they are bold, colourful, fun and modern, but also because the quality of the clothes will stand up to the rough and tumble life of a child. We've tried and tested the children's clothes within our own family, so we know they are perfect for children who love getting down and dirty as much as for those who want to feel special.

Our style

We love streetwear. We love bright colours and loud patterns. We will always have a large range of designer children's clothing for you to choose from, and we want those clothes to let your little people be little people for as long as possible – full of confidence, fun, and free from inhibitions.

We love

Acorn Kids, Bandit Kids, Bobo Choses, Coco & Ginger, Life Modern, Littlehorn, Loud Apparel, Moi, Minti, Missie Munster, Munster Kids, Native Shoes, Paper Wings, Peggy, Saltwater sandals, Social Studies, Tutu du Monde.

We promise

We believe in good old-fashioned customer service and so you can expect prompt responses to any questions you have, and super-fast delivery. We value each and every Little Pinwheel customer and will go the extra mile to make sure you're comfortable and happy with your purchase. If you're looking for designer children's clothes or baby clothes as a gift, but you're not sure what size or style to get, drop us a line and we'll give you a hand in whatever way we can.

Welcome to the family!

Hayley, my girl and the little guy x

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